Auto Trim Design

UV rays are very dangerous to your health, and your windows do not protect against them on their own. With a high quality window tint, your windows can block as much as 99% of damaging UV rays. We can apply window tints to vehicles, homes, and businesses that will not only help to protect your skin, but also will reduce heating and air conditioning costs with just one application!

Window tints protect you and your vehicle

We have over 35 years of experience serving northeastern Louisiana!

•    Increased privacy

•    Increased protection

•    Enhanced appearance

•    Lower energy costs

•    Extended HVAC life

•    Safety from broken glass

•    Improved comfort


The benefits of window tinting:

We offer a wide selection of quality products that can give your car or truck a whole new look. With our custom graphics and vehicle wraps, you can turn your vehicle into a beautiful canvas affordably. We also carry accessories that can alter your car, including wood paneling kits and sunroofs!

Let us redesign your car inside and out

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