Auto Trim Design

No one wants to come back to their car to find that it's been scratched while you were out of sight. With one of our paint protection films, you'll never have to worry about that! These films are a virtually clear urethane wrap that is custom fit to the front of your car or truck. They're tough and durable so that they can prevent your vehicle from taking costly damage.

Take care of your vehicle

We've been serving the Monroe area for over 35 years!

•    Bugs

•    Rocks

•    Sand

•    Road salt

•    Road debris


Protect your car from the wear of driving

You don't need a customized paint job to protect the paint on your car, but we can provide you with customized graphics and vehicle wraps that will make your paint protection film all the more useful! We also offer windshield repair in case those rocks have damaged your windshield.

Let us deck out your car the way you want

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